JOESCO Barrier Safely Protects Unexploded Bomb During Destruction

From January 26 to February 5, 2016, under the command and coordination of the Army Equipment Department of the Western Theater Command, villagers in Zhongning County, Ningxia picked up an unexploded 155mm howitzer. Destruction process.


Event review:
On January 26, a training base received a report from a police station in Zhongning County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. An unexploded bomb was found in the home of Yang, a villager in Zhongning County, Ningxia. Immediately send someone to the scene to check. According to preliminary judgment, this is a 152 mm caliber bomb. Fuze is in good condition.


On January 28, after the ammunition repair and test station received a notification from the Equipment Supply Department of the Army Equipment Department in the theater, the chief engineer of the branch led the assistant director of the ammunition laboratory to Qukou Town, Zhongning County. Where the unexploded bomb was placed, the appearance of the bomb was observed, the size of the bomb was measured, and further understanding of the unexploded bomb pickup area and handling process was obtained. According to relevant personnel: Half a month ago, a villager Yang said that the unexploded bomb was picked up at a shooting range 15 kilometers away, and then transported to his home by an agricultural tricycle. It was identified that the surface coating of the unexploded bomb was severely oxidized after the rock was burned, and the fuze head was damaged. The status of the insurance agency is unknown and it is determined to be a dangerous product.


On January 31, it was determined that the fuse of the unexploded bomb was DRL12A, the head was damaged, and the state of the explosion-proof mechanism was unknown. The possibility that the launch mechanism was not working properly cannot be ruled out.


An unexploded bomb was destroyed under the protection of the JOESCO barrier


On February 2, in order to guide the loss of property, the expert group proposed to use a new method of combining explosion-proof partitions without dead ends for on-site explosions. At the same time, in order to fully demonstrate the test and evaluate the damaging effect, the expert group analyzed the structural principle of the ammunition, the detonation effect, the removal of fragments, and safety protection, and obtained the three key data explosions, shock waves, and seismic waves generated by shrapnel. calculate. With reference to GJB5427-2005 “Technical Regulations for the Disposal of Scrapped General Ammunition”, the amount of primary explosive is 1.6 kg, which can completely blow up unknown ammunition. Exploding bombs, damage to people and buildings Overpressure damage radius is 25 meters. In unprotected conditions, debris flew in all directions, up to a distance of 1,800 meters. The maximum depth of fragments penetrating the blast wall is 0.964 meters. , up to 5,303 kg. According to calculations, building a JOESCO separation wall with a length of 7.3 meters, a width of 6 meters, a height of 3.18 meters, a thickness of 2 meters around, and a thickness of 1 meter at the top can meet the safety requirements. On-site explosion.


An unexploded bomb was destroyed under the protection of the JOESCO barrier


On the morning of February 5, 15 departments of the Ningxia Autonomous Region Government, including public security, medical publicity, and firefighting, as well as the military division, and the armed forces participated in the process. A total of 215 people were mobilized to evacuate 405 people from 101 households in 5 villages of 90,000 square meters. Coordinating with the police of the local public security department, the intersections within 1 kilometer of the bombing site were blocked, and the 12 villagers who were within 50 meters of the explosive bomb were sealed and properly resettled. At 16:01, the explosives personnel, Under the guidance of experts from the Ammunition Repair Test Station, the unexploded bombs successfully blew up on the spot, with no casualties or property losses. Only the courtyard wall next to the unexploded bombs collapsed 4 meters, and the windows of 3 villagers’ houses were shattered. The houses of the villagers 6 meters away from the unexploded bombs were intact, which fulfilled the requirements of the head of the theater headquarters.

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