Lightning F28 military UAV

Lightning F28: Advanced UAV for Large Area Tasks in Electric Power, Fire Fighting, and Environmental Protection Industries with Long Endurance and High Altitude Flight Capabilities.

    Lightning F28 is an electric composite, wing type, vertical take-off, and landing fixed-wing UAV for the industries such as electric power, fire fighting, public security, and environmental protection, with a maximum endurance of 4 hours, designed for large area tasks. Lightning F28 long service life, fast, large load capacity, stable and reliable structure, and can be at high

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M8100 military drone

Hercules M8-100 UAV: The Advanced All-Weather Firefighting Solution with High Payload Capacity and Versatile Equipment Options.

Hercules M8-100 UAV is our special large-load firefighting UAV:   The body is high-strength all-composite material, multi-way reserved custom installation space position, and interface, and ultra-small size taking into account the large load and long endurance.   The system has a multi-way redundancy protection function, and can quickly start operation within 5 minutes of fast response to all-weather conditions of

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