single twist barbed wire

Single twist barbed wire

Single twist barbed wire is a type of metal wire product commonly used for security fencing and boundary protection. It is made by twisting high-strength steel wire once to form sharp barbs. These barbs are periodically fixed at intervals along a single wire to create a continuous fence with barbs.   Single twist barbed wire is widely used in agriculture,

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double twist barbed wire roll

Double twist barbed wire.

Double Twist Barbed Wire is a high-strength security fencing wire made up of two twisted wires with sharp barbs spaced along the wires. It is typically used for security and boundary fencing, prison walls, and other places where unauthorized access needs to be prevented.   The product features include: High Strength: The double twisted wire structure provides the wire with

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Traditional Twist Barbed Wire 1

Traditional Twist Barbed Wire

Traditional twist barbed wire, an ancient and effective security measure, the traditional twisted wire consists of two strands of steel wire twisted in opposite directions to form a strong net-like structure. On this mesh structure, there are many small and sharp barbs, which can effectively prevent criminals from entering and protect your home, business, and property safety.   The wires

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