Military defense barrier

A military defense barrier, also known as a defensive barrier, military bastion or blast wall, is a modern metal net used for military defense. It is composed of a foldable silk mesh container and heavy geotextile, which is used as a temporary or semi-permanent barrier or fortress to block the explosion or small arms attacks.

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Detonate dud

Explosives removal, dangerous goods warehouse, factory of chemical plant, oil refinery and firecracker

JOESCO barriers are applicable for various civil purposes, including but not limited to explosive removal, building blast walls for hazardous goods warehouses, chemical plant factories, oil refining factories, and firecracker factories.   Crews are using the JOESCO barrier as a safety barrier for detonating warheads left over from WWII.   JOESCO barrier for dangerous goods warehouse.   The Japanese abandoned

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Civil applications Defending against the forces of nature

With every naturally occurring disaster, the demand for civil protection becomes increasingly apparent. The design pedigree and versatility of JOESCO Barrier units and their success in military operations have resulted in widespread recognition in a variety of civil environments from flood defenses to erosion control to architecture.   Originally designed to protect shorelines against erosion, JOESCO Barrier units are ideally

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