Traditional Twist Barbed Wire

Traditional twist barbed wire, an ancient and effective security measure, the traditional twisted wire consists of two strands of steel wire twisted in opposite directions to form a strong net-like structure. On this mesh structure, there are many small and sharp barbs, which can effectively prevent criminals from entering and protect your home, business, and property safety.


Traditional Twist Barbed Wire 1
Traditional Twist Barbed Wire 1

The wires can be PVC coated, zinc-coated, or even made of iron. The wires are galvanized in order to make sure that corrosion is minimized. It is mainly used for land fencing, animal cages, home security, and business security. Compared with other protective measures, the traditional twisted wire has the advantages of easy installation, high reliability, and low maintenance cost. For places that need fast, efficient, and practical security protection, twisted wire is one of the best choices.

Traditional-Twist-Barbed-Wire 2
Traditional-Twist-Barbed-Wire 2


Whether it is military bases, government agencies, prisons, power stations, reservoirs, factories, warehouses, farms, gardens, or urban residential areas, the traditional twisted wire can provide reliable security protection. At the same time, our products can also be customized according to the needs of customers to better meet the needs of different places.


Our twisted wires are manufactured using high-quality materials which ensure their durability and also reduce maintenance costs. We are committed to developing more advanced security protection technologies to provide customers with a better service experience. Choosing our twisted wire is your wise choice to keep your family and business safe.

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