These are JOESCO blast wall waiting for geotextile installation.


Before installing the JOESCO blast wall, it is usually necessary to lay geotextile to enhance the protective effect and prevent soil erosion. Geotextile can effectively reduce soil erosion, enhance the tensile strength of the soil, and improve the overall stability of the soil.

When installing the JOESCO blast wall, first ensure that the site is flat and clear any obstacles that may affect the stability of the wall. Then, based on the required protection height and length, gradually construct the JOESCO basket structure and lay geotextile timely during the process of filling the soil or sand. The geotextile should be closely integrated with the JOESCO basket structure, covering the soil surface and securing it in place to ensure that it can enhance the protective effect.

Finally, after installing the geotextile, it is necessary to consolidate and inspect the JOESCO blast wall to ensure that the wall is stable and reliable, achieving the expected protective effect.

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