Civil applications Defending against the forces of nature

With every naturally occurring disaster, the demand for civil protection becomes increasingly apparent. The design pedigree and versatility of JOESCO Barrier units and their success in military operations have resulted in widespread recognition in a variety of civil environments from flood defenses to erosion control to architecture.


Originally designed to protect shorelines against erosion, JOESCO Barrier units are ideally suited for protection against the effects of flooding and erosion. Because the units arrive are lined with a geotextile membrane, structures can be quickly and easily built to replace the traditional sandbags, filling materials can typically be found at eroded sites such as sand, rocks, and gravel. Where a more permanent, hard-wearing structure is required, JOESCO Barrier units can be filled with concrete.


With its unparalleled success in all manner of military applications, JOESCO Barrier is now being adopted by governments and authorities to protect sensitive civilian installations, particularly at risk from terrorist attacks, such as embassies, consulates, government buildings, oil refineries, power stations, and sports stadia. Encouraged by its success in military and civilian environments, JOESCO is continually exploring potential new markets and other custom applications such as humanitarian housing, industrial spill containment, and noise abatement.


JOESCO barrier used to build flood wall.

JOESCO barrier used to build flood wall.

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