Razor Wire Fence

Razor Wire Fence is a highly durable safety protection material comprised of multiple strands of sharp blades and steel wires that offer reliable shear and impact resistance. It serves as an effective security perimeter solution that can prevent criminals from invading or committing crimes, safeguarding your home, business, and property safety.

This product can be used with different guardrail systems, boasting easy installation, beautiful appearance, economic feasibility, and practicality. Our company provides customers with different specifications and models of Razor Wire Fence to meet their diverse needs.



Razor wire fence on ships
Razor wire fence on ships


The cutting board material used for this fence includes galvanized sheet and stainless steel plate, while the core material consists of galvanized wire and stainless steel wire. Furthermore, the fence comes in various shapes, such as lines, organ-type, cross-type, and flat-type. The outer diameter ranges from 450mm to 1000mm, while the cover length varies from 5m to 20m. The wire diameter is 2.5mm, ensuring maximum strength and durability.

Razor Wire Fence finds applications in various areas, including military areas, industrial and mining enterprises, garden apartments, border posts, prisons, government offices, banks, living area walls, private homes, villas, walls, doors and windows, highways, railways, and border fence lines.


Razor barbed wire specification
Razor barbed wire specification


Physical model for razor barbed wire
A physical model for razor barbed wire


Razor Wire Fence on military barrier
Razor Wire Fence on the military barrier

As shown by the images of the finished product, Razor Wire Fence is commonly used on military barriers due to its robust construction and effectiveness in deterring intruders. Close-ups of the razor barbed wire highlight the sharpness of the blades, making it almost impossible to penetrate the fence without causing serious harm to oneself.



Close up for razer barbed wire
Close up for razor barbed wire


Finished product of razer barbed wire
The finished product of razor barbed wire


In conclusion, Razor Wire Fence is an ideal security solution for those looking to enhance the safety of their premises. Its rugged design, versatile use in various settings, and reliable protection make it a popular choice for businesses and homeowners worldwide.

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