JOESCO Razor Wire rapid deployment vehicle: An Advanced Mobile Solution for Rapid Deployment of Security Fencing and Barriers.

JOESCO razor wire rapid deployment vehicle is a cutting-edge obstacle defense equipment. The JOESCO razor wire vehicle can scatter razor wire, barbed wire, and guardrails as permanent or temporary obstacles within seconds. Made of high-strength steel that meets international quality certification and military industry standards, it is known as a protective wall without bullets!


Our system has several advantages over traditional barrier deployment methods. Firstly, it can be deployed quickly, with 100 meters being set up in under 19 seconds, and obstacles can be recovered within 5 minutes. Secondly, it features an automatic recovery function for even greater efficiency.


JOESCO Razor Wire Vehicle


The anti-riot vehicle is also safe, convenient, and fast to operate, with strong anti-breakthrough performance due to its 3-layer gill net or 2-layer knife gill net barrier. The form of unit knife barbed net transportation and barrier deployment allows each unit knife barbed net to be quickly connected end-to-end, locked, and deployed on a large scale.


The Safety Barrier Trailers and Steel Mesh Wall Mesh Barrier Vehicles are new types of anti-riot trailers that have the advantages of speed, agility, and reliability. The chassis adopts a double-axle design concept, providing superior carrying capacity. The mesh vehicle can carry 30 obstacle plates and related equipment, while the steel mesh wall trailer has a powerful driving brake system and four outriggers to reduce tire loading.


Our anti-riot vehicle is modular, making it easy to assemble and disassemble, saving transportation and storage costs. The traction part can be folded or disassembled to save space, and the brushless motor ensures quiet operation while prolonging the motor’s lifespan.


The control system includes manual buttons and remote control, while the device features both an oil disc brake and electric brake functions. Finally, with the help of searchlights, turn signals, tail warning lights, and top warning lights, the safety factor is maximized during operation.

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