Military defense barrier

A military defense barrier, also known as defensive barrier, military bastion or blast wall, is a modern metal network used for military defense. This type of barrier is composed of a foldable wire mesh container and heavy geotextile, serving as either a temporary or semi-permanent fortress to block explosions or small arms attacks.


The military defense barrier can be utilized to construct a variety of defense systems, including watchtowers, shoot points, and trenches on the ground.



vehicles protected by JOESCO barrier

vehicles protected by JOESCO defense barrier


watchtowers built by JOESCO barrier 

watchtowers built by JOESCO defense barrier 


Military defense barriers are essential in providing protection for military installations and public infrastructure around the world. Apart from their practical use in defense systems, they also offer a sense of security and peace of mind to citizens in areas threatened by potential attacks.


shoot point

shoot points built by JOESCO defense barrier 

trenches on the ground built by JOESCO barrier

trenches on the ground built by JOESCO defense barrier


In summary, a military defense barrier is a versatile tool used to safeguard against threats posed by small-arms attacks and explosions. Its various types and applications make it an indispensable element in modern military defense systems.

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